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Thu Aug 13 13:27:25 MDT 2009

Late Merging

*Letter to the Editor of the Los Alamos Monitor* I'm one of those people who stays in the left-hand lane on Diamond until the last moment. I don't do it because I'm in a hurry -- I'm not. I don't do it to be rude; in fact, I do it despite feeling so. It feels inconsiderate, impolite. It's stressful. I do it to make the world a better place. Perhaps not for the few individuals who honk, yell, scream, tailgate, and shake their fists; but for everyone else a smooth last-minute zipper merge greatly reduces the overall amount of traffic. Think of the people turning right on Orange or the wasted left-hand space when the light turns red. This is a town that respects science. Look up recent simulations on late merging; look up { Tom Vanderbilt}; and look up dissenting opinions (good luck filtering out the vitriol). Recognize that what feels right isn't always what is right. And... join me in the left-hand lane. I cannot promise that you'll feel good about it, nor can I promise that you'll get used to the feeling. But if enough of us do it we can take turns, and I'll sit in the right-hand lane and watch you pass and I will radiate gratitude. Ed PS I may never get used to the unpleasant feeling. But when someone loudly vents their rage, I do confess to experiencing a frisson of glee. I am not proud of that... but until I become a better person, thanks, angry people, for assuaging my guilt.

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