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Mon Jun 25 2:18PM (2007)

Internal Rewards

While reading an article on mutual funds, this little bit caught my eye:

Three things provide long-lasting satisfaction, as quantitatively measured by academic psychologists: autonomy, meaningful contact with others, and the development and exercise of competence. Cognitive researchers loosely refer to fame, fortune, and power as "external rewards," and autonomy, connectedness, and competence as "internal rewards."

(emphasis mine). I've made it a point to remember that daily. Thanks to Jim G for sending me the article.

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Sat Jun 16 8:50PM (2007)

Celebrating Life

They never knew it would be goodbye, and never got the chance to say it. A boy just died. At twenty-seven, he had already survived the gauntlet of teenage driving. His life was full of promise. He brought joy to others' lives.

Last Sunday he was admitted into hospital with stomach pains. It wasn't appendicitis: a few hours later he was dead of massive organ failure. Cancer. Twenty-seven years old. He was said to be kind, caring, loving, an example to his family and loved ones. May he continue to serve as such.

Zora, thanks for being there with the family, for lending your shoulder. They will survive their grief and be stronger for it. I hope you do well with yours.

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