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Mon Mar 12 6:54PM (2007)

Ron Paul for President

Well, he's announced. I doubt he has much chance... but boy do I wish him well.

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Mon Mar 12 6:49PM (2007)

Bike Weather!

First bike ride of the year. Just some errands in town, and then a little trail riding along Bayo. Weather was purrrfect, high 50s, nice breeze, very sunny.

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Fri Mar 09 11:59AM (2007)

Venture Partner Solicited do marketing on a no-fail business opportunity. I have discovered the most effective mnemonic aid known to mankind. One dose of this will bring all manner of ideas to mind, instantly. It's the email Send button: pressing it is enough to remind me of everything I meant to say in a given email. Can that power be harnessed? I plan to grow these (organically, of course) and distribute in the form of a Poultice, to serve as Remedy for All Manner of Ailments. Anyone want to go in with me on this? I predict we'll make a killing.

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Fri Mar 09 10:49AM (2007)

Barefoot on Deer Trap

What better sign of spring than walking barefoot in the mud and sand? The mud was cold, squishy, sensational. Most of the walk was sand and rock, yielding and firm. The bits on ice were painful, but those were short.

First barefoot walk of the year. My feetsies feel alive.

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