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Sat Dec 30 12:22PM (2006)

Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Phew. It took me the better part of two months, but I finally finished Seven Pillars of Wisdom. "Remarkable" doesn't begin to cover it. Lawrence has an eye for detail and a beautiful voice: his descriptions of the landscape, environment, and people are richer than anything I've read in years. He offers valuable lessons not only in desert warfare but in simple humanity. He narrates humbly and doesn't gloss over his mistakes or failings.

Nominally the book is about the Arab Revolt and Lawrence's role in it, but it is so much more: it's an exploration of an inhospitable land and the people who live in it. What he writes is especially valuable today.

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Mon Dec 18 7:44AM (2006)

rsync/cp/touch failure, davfs: SOLVED

The Problem:
# rsync -rv --inplace --size-only /local-path /mnt/jungledisk/subdir/
building file list ... done
rsync: open "/mnt/jungledisk/subdir/filename" failed: Invalid argument (22)

Solution: compile CODA kernel module (Filesystems -> Network Filesystems -> Coda).

...and next time, don't ignore this error message:

# mount /mnt/jungledisk
/sbin/mount.davfs: No free coda device to mount.
/sbin/mount.davfs: Trying fuse kernel file system.

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