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Tue Aug 29 7:01PM (2006)

The Ends of the Earth

Traveled in 1994, printed in 1996, The Ends of the Earth is a gripping and sobering look at the other hemisphere in all its utter remoteness: physical, cultural, ideological. Journalist Robert D. Kaplan reports from Western Africa, the Fertile Crescent, and southern Asia from street level, seeing sights and hearing voices that you and I can barely imagine. He questions the validity of borders in areas where clan and culture rule -- I'm sure he would quite agree with yesterday's Squiggly Border announcement.

This is a treasure of a book. Kaplan writes beautifully and does not proselytize nor condemn. He presents facts, describes situations fortunate and un, helps us learn from them, and warns of the consequences of failing to pay attention.

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Fri Aug 25 5:08PM (2006)

Full rainbow

Gorgeous rain today. Everything from a light drizzle to a New Mexico downpour. Apres le deluge, the images/2006-08-25.rainbow.jpg rainbow. Photo stitched by hugin.

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