Uneventful day at the lovely Lamay Lodge. Although today’s excursion was an easy hike with the promise of a phenomenal lunch, we chose to forego it, remaining instead in the vicinity of the lodge’s beautiful gardens, friendly tame llamas, and flush toilets. Did I mention something earlier about eating hole-in-the-wall street food in Cusco?

So I did an hour of quiet yoga in the lodge’s airy upstairs yoga room. Journaled our experiences of the last few days. Walked through and around Lamay; through a beautiful small cemetery; then up to a small limestone cavern up a mountain featuring a statue to a demigod, some festive ribbons, impressive scenic views of the Urubamba river, and some appealing limestone walls that I decided not to try climbing in my hiking boots sans gear or belayer.

Urubamba River valley, as seen from the side of the mountain Urubamba River valley, as seen from the side of the mountain

Walter, the manager at Lamay Lodge, was the one who suggested that I hike up that mountainside; he also suggested that I stop at a small bakery on my way back through town. And I did, and that was the best part of the day. Wiñay T’anta offers 3-sol ($1) capuccinos … and does so in order that the Lamay villagers can afford them. If you can pay more, the literature on their table suggests, would you? Their profits go on to help poor children with physical disabilities. I felt awed, moved, and humbled. I bought and enjoyed some very expensive bread rolls.